An endowment is an amount of money given to the University with a stipulation that the funds are to be retained and invested to generate annual earnings. A portion of the annual earnings is used to award student scholarships, provide faculty development or support programs at Southern Miss.


Funding Opportunities

Endowments can be established with cash gifts, securities or other property, or may be funded with a series of gifts made over time. They may also be funded through a bequest or other deferred gift, or through a combination of lifetime and deferred gifts.

A spending allocation will be awarded once the endowment reaches the minimum required funding level and after the funds have been invested for a required period of time. Because the principal of the endowment is never spent, such a gift represents an enduring tribute to the person honored by the fund.


Endowment Minimum

With the cost of education on the rise, the USM Foundation is making a concerted effort to ease the burden of tuition costs and enhance the student experience by providing more scholarship dollars and support for programs at Southern Miss. As of July 1, 2016, the minimum amount required to establish an endowment with The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation increased from $15,000 to $25,000. The USM Foundation Board of Directors approved the new minimum endowment level at its March 2015 meeting. The $15,000 minimum will be honored for endowments initiated prior to the end of June 2016. If you have questions, or for more information on establishing an endowment with the USM Foundation, please call 601.266.5210. 


Administrative Fee

The USM Foundation charges a 1.75% annual administrative fee to offset operating expenses. A fee is not charged when a fund is underwater or underfunded.


Individual Endowments

Alumni, friends and other loyal Southern Miss supporters may endow gifts to benefit the University. Endowed gifts provide a continued source of assistance for Southern Miss students, faculty and staff and create a lasting legacy for the donor. Endowment funds are named at the donor’s request, whether in their names, in honor of loved ones or in tribute to a special Southern Miss faculty member or student.


Group Endowments

Similar to individual endowments, group endowments represent a commitment to the future of Southern Miss. Graduating classes, academic units, alumni groups and those who share a common Southern Miss faculty mentor can make a gift in honor of that connection. Corporations with strong ties to the University and a desire to create a quality workforce often endow scholarships in their relevant academic discipline.


Corporate Matching

Please review our Matching Gift page to find out how you can double or triple your endowment gift to Southern Miss.