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The Campus Community website has been developed by the USM Foundation to provide resources to campus audiences who conduct business with the Foundation.


Gift Acceptance and Restriction Policy

The Gift Acceptance and Restriction Policy provides current guidelines subject to future revision for the acceptance and reporting of gifts for the benefit of The University of Southern Mississippi and The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation.

Download the Gift Acceptance and Restriction Policy


Withdrawal Request Policies and Form

The USM Foundation has specific policies governing the procedures and circumstances for which it will issue checks. Those policies can be accessed and reviewed in the PDF document below. Please ensure all withdrawal requests submitted to the Foundation comply with these policies and that the expense meets the purpose of the fund as detailed in the fund agreement. Foundation management reserves the right to return the withdrawal request for additional information or to reject any requested expenditure deemed inconsistent with the stated purpose of the fund. In addition, the Foundation has a Withdrawal Request Form to be used to request disbursements from Foundation funds. Please allow two weeks for checks to be processed.  
Download the Withdrawal Request Policies
Download the Withdrawal Request Form

W-9 Form

The Foundation requires a W-9 Form on file for all vendors. Every time payment is made to a new vendor, a W-9 Form is required to process the payment. If you are not sure if a vendor has been paid by the Foundation, please contact the Foundation to determine if a W-9 Form is needed.
Download the W-9 Form

Sales and Use Tax

The USM Foundation is required to pay sales or use tax to the State of Mississippi on all purchases. If the Foundation makes a payment directly to a vendor, even if it is on behalf of the University, the payment must include Mississippi sales tax (if applicable). Please note that the fund from which the payment is being made is responsible for the sales or use tax. If the vendor does not have a Mississippi Sales Tax Identification Number, the Foundation is required to remit use tax to the State of Mississippi.

Endowment Spending Allocations

Each year in February, the USM Foundation distributes information to the University regarding the upcoming fiscal year's endowment spending allocations. This information is sent to the Dean’s Office of each respective College. The Deans’ Offices should then forward the information to the appropriate departments or scholarship committees.

The Foundation makes the notification of the spending allocation amounts around February 15 for the next academic year available with the expectation that scholarships for the next year will be awarded by April 1. This ensures the greatest benefit to the student as he/she makes financial plans for next year and also helps guarantee that the scholarship dollars are utilized to their greatest potential for their intended purposes.

Download the Non-Scholarship Endowment Carryover Policy


2016-17 Endowment Spending Allocations

USM Foundation endowment spending allocations for the current academic/fiscal year are available until June 30, 2017, and can be expended by the appropriate Signature Authority in accordance with the fund purpose. All withdrawal requests for fiscal year spending must be received in the Foundation office by June 19, 2017 with supporting documentation and proper signatures, to be processed by June 30, 2017. Please make every effort to ensure that these funds are utilized for the benefit of the University by June 30, 2017.


Contact Report

Click here to complete the Contact Report to let the USM Foundation know about your interaction with University alumni, donors and friends. If you have questions about this form, please contact the Foundation office at 601.266.5210.

Current Use Funds Policy

The USM Foundation supports numerous programs and departments through current use funds. These may take the form of an annual scholarship, a gift to a building fund or a gift to one of the many discretionary/ development funds. The Foundation has a policy for the establishment of current use funds to ensure the funds remain viable and active. For more information on these funds, please download the Current Use Funds Policy.


Naming Opportunity Guidelines

In June 2011, the Executive Cabinet of The University of Southern Mississippi in conjunction with the Board of Directors for the University of Southern Mississippi Foundation adopted naming and recognition guidelines to direct decision making with regard to naming University buildings, rooms, programs, centers, faculty positions, lectures, fellowships, scholarships and more. While not a hard-and-fast policy, the document serves to guide consideration of naming opportunities to help ensure consistency and to provide a procedure to be followed when someone desires to name a component of the campuses for an individual or organization.  The naming and recognition guidelines serve as the groundwork for naming opportunities and are utilized by the University administration and USM Foundation leadership to determine the appropriateness of any nominations for naming. For more information on these guidelines, or to discuss a specific naming opportunity, please contact the USM Foundation office. Download the USM Naming Guidelines


Southern Miss Fund Grant Application

The USM Foundation will be accepting applications for the 2017 Southern Miss Fund Grant program in October 2017. The grant program offers five grants of up to $10,000 each to a faculty or staff member for support of projects that directly impact students, an emergent need and/or kick-start promising projects that might not otherwise receive funding. 

A completed application must be submitted for the Southern Miss Fund Grant Program along with a narrative to support the basic rationale for the proposed project. The narrative should be as concise as possible and should cover the following points:

  • The goals of the project and how it will directly benefit students.
  • A statement describing the specific funding requirements of the project.
  • A clear link between the project and an identified need.

To be considered for the Southern Miss Fund Grant Program, please send the completed application electronically to no later than October 2017. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Download the Southern Miss Fund Grant Application


Additional Forms Available from the USM Foundation

Download the Gift-Pledge Payment Deposit Form
Download the Interfund Transfer Form
Download the Mass Gift Deposit Slip
Download the Missing Receipt Form
Download the Travel and Expense Report
Download the University Permission to Travel Form
Download the University Personal Services Agreement
Download the Bank Draft and Payroll Deduction Form
Click here to access the Data Request Form
Click here to access the Biographical Data Update Form

For questions regarding any of these USM Foundation financial matters, please contact the Foundation’s controller and manager of financial services, Maegan Knight, at or 601.266.4724.